The terms and conditions of the EnMotive Registration Protection Plan (the “Plan”) described below apply to the event for which you have registered, and which is displayed on your registration receipt (the “Covered Event”). 


Who Is Eligible For Protection?  – When Does Protection Begin and End? 
You are eligible for protection under this Plan if:

  1. You are a registered participant in the Covered Event and you have paid the Event Fee in full and enroll in the Plan and pay the Plan fee; or
  2. You are a registered Relay Team participant in the Covered Event, and the Event Fee for the Relay Team is paid in full and the Relay Team is enrolled in the Plan and pays the Plan fee. 

Your protection under the Plan begins on the date your registration form is submitted or electronic internet registration is received. Your protection under the plan ends when the Covered Event begins. 

What You Pay: 
The Plan fee is shown in the Event registration receipt and is due on the date you register to participate in the Covered Event. 

What We Will Pay:
We will reimburse 100% of the Event Fee including venue surcharges, taxes and/or any fees for unshipped products you paid for the Covered Event.  The reimbursement amount will not include service fees or any charges for shipped or Delivered Product(s) in addition to the basic Event Fee.  Additionally, the reimbursement amount will not include any donations or amounts you contribute to a charitable organization in connection with your participation.

We will reimburse the Event Fee you paid if you, or the Relay Team of which you are a member, are unable to participate in the Covered Event for any one of the following reasons (“Qualifying Reasons”):

  1. You suffer from an Injury or an unforeseen Illness, or you give birth to a child (including unforeseen complications of pregnancy) which prevents you from participating in the Covered Event. A Qualified Medical Practitioner must certify that you are not able to participate in the Covered Event.
  2. You are on Active Military Duty and receive unanticipated reassignment or deployment orders or revocation of personal leave, except for disciplinary reasons. You must provide us a copy of the orders you receive.
  3. You are directly involved in a traffic Accident on the day of the Covered Event that causes either an Injury to you or damage to the automobile that creates an immediate need for repair to ensure the safe operation of the vehicle and prevents your attendance at the Covered Event.
  4. You are not able to arrive in time to participate in the Covered Event due to a delay by the Common Carrier you used for transportation to the Covered Event location.
  5. Any Injury, an unforeseen Illness, or childbirth (including unforeseen complications of pregnancy) occurring to your spouse, child or Domestic Partner. A Qualified Medical Practitioner must examine such person within 72 hours of the Event Date.
  6. Your automobile having a Mechanical Breakdown within 48 hours of the Event Date.
  7. You, after having been with the same employer for at least three continuous years, are terminated or laid off, through no fault of your own, after you enroll as a participant in the Covered Event.
  8. You, or your spouse, are permanently relocated by your or your spouse's current employer to a location that is at least 100 miles from your address associated with the Covered Event registration.
  9. The death of your Family Member. You will be required to provide a copy of the death certificate.

We Will Not Pay: 

We will not reimburse the Event Fee you paid for the Covered Event if you are unable to participate in the Covered Event due to the following (without limitation): 

  1. An intentionally self-inflicted injury or self-inflicted sickness.
  2. Physical complications resulting from alcohol or substance abuse.
  3. Natural disasters.
  4. You have not made your full payment of the Event Fee before the Event Date.
  5. The Covered Event is canceled by the Covered Event administrator for any reason (including, but not limited to, severe or hazardous weather, acts of God, acts of terrorism, or a mandate by federal, state, or local authority).
  6. You and/or your assigned bib number cross the start line on the day of the Covered Event.
  7. You make changes to personal plans or have a business or contractual obligation that prevents you from participating in the Covered Event.
  8. You choose to take part in a Covered Event-sponsored deferment where your current year Event Fee will be a credit towards next year’s event.

  Other Considerations:

  1. The Plan covers the registered participant only.
  2. The Plan must be purchased during the initial Covered Event registration process and cannot be purchased after that transaction is completed.
  3. The date of the occurrence of the Qualifying Reason must be after the date you purchased the Plan.
  4. Those using the group registration process are not eligible for the Plan.
  5. All reimbursements are processed electronically to the original payment method that was used during the registration process.
  6. The fees associated with the Registration Protection Plan are non-reimbursable.

How to Request a Reimbursement: 

If you are unable to participate in this Covered Event for any of the Qualifying Reasons, you must notify us no later than 30 days after the Event Date. You can contact us via the online portal at www.enmotive.com/protectionplan or email us at protectionplan@enmotive.com and we will provide a link to the reimbursement form. You must complete and submit the reimbursement form to us, along with any supporting documents or proof we reasonably request, within the 30 day time frame. If you do not submit such information within 30 days of the Event Date, you will not be entitled to reimbursement of the registration fees you paid for this Covered Event. 


Accident means an unexpected, unintended, unforeseeable event causing Injury. 

Active Military Duty means serving in the United States Armed Forces on a full-time basis. 

Common Carrier means an entity licensed to carry passengers for hire by air. Common Carrier does not mean a vehicle rental company, commuter rail, subway, bus, taxi or similar transport service.

Covered Event means the event for which you have purchased the Registration Protection Plan.

Delivered Product means purchased items exclusive of the Event Fee and service fees that the registrant has received via mail, electronically, or has been physically picked up by the registrant or by someone on their behalf.

Domestic Partner means a person who is at least eighteen years of age, and you must provide one of the following documents: 1) evidence of financial interdependence, such as joint bank accounts or credit cards, jointly owned property, and mutual life insurance or pension beneficiary designations; 2) evidence of cohabitation for at least the previous 6 months; and 3) an affidavit of domestic partnership if recognized by the jurisdiction within which they reside. 

Event Date means the date of the Covered Event.

Event Fee means the total amount paid for the ticket/registration, including venue surcharges and taxes.  It does not include service and handling fees.

Family Member means your dependent, spouse, child, spouse's child, son or daughter-in-law, parent, sibling, grandparent, grandchild, step-sibling, step-parent, parent-in-law, brother or sister-in-law, guardian, Domestic Partner, foster-child, or ward. 

Felonious Assault is an act of violence against you requiring medical treatment in a Hospital. 

Hospital means a licensed institution that is run mainly for the care and treatment of sick or injured persons as inpatients. Hospital does not include a nursing home, convalescent facility, or long-term care facility. 

Illness means a Sickness, infirmity or disease that causes a loss that begins while you are eligible for protection and is not a pre-existing condition. 

Injury means bodily injury caused by an Accident or Felonious Assault, directly and independently of all other causes and sustained on or after you become eligible for protection and before the Covered Event Date. 

Mechanical Breakdown means a sudden and accidental breakage or failure of a covered part or assembly of your vehicle while you are more than 100 miles from your home, caused by other than a part not covered, which makes the covered part unable, when properly serviced or cleaned, to perform the function for which it is designed, and makes your vehicle inoperable or unsafe to operate. 

Qualified Medical Practitioner means a person licensed as a medical doctor by the jurisdiction in which he/she is resident to practice the healing arts. Qualified Medical Practitioner includes physicians, licensed physical therapists, occupational therapists, and chiropractors. He/she must be practicing within the scope of his/her license for the service or treatment given and may not be the covered individual or a Family Member of the covered individual. 

Relay Team means a pair or group of participants who register to participate in the Covered Event under the relay team category as defined in the Covered Event guidelines.

Sickness means an illness or disease of the body which requires examination and treatment by a Qualified Medical Practitioner and commences while you are eligible for protection.


Categories of Information We Disclose, and to Whom We Disclose It:

Except as expressly set forth herein, we will not disclose any personal information about you.  Please be advised that your personal information will be shared with the Registration Protection Plan Administrator, Running Away Enterprises, LLC d/b/a EnMotive (“EnMotive”), for the servicing of the product that you have purchased and/or to prevent fraud.  In addition, you may receive promotional materials from EnMotive or one of its affiliates.  There may be other disclosures authorized by law.

Fraud and Liability Statement:

Please be aware that once you submit a reimbursement form with EnMotive and have attested to the fact that you are unable to participate in the Covered Event for one of the reasons set forth above, your proceeding to participate in the Covered Event (without first receiving the written approval of EnMotive) is fraud, and will result in disqualification from the Covered Event and prosecution to the fullest extent of the law. Further, the Event Owner will have the right to ban you from participating in future events.

Terms and Condition of the Registration Protection Plan are subject to change or revision with or without notice.

UPDATED 4.3.2019

To download a copy of these terms and conditions, click here.